Earn Money Using Clickbank And Google

Make money using Clickbank And Google

We will show you how you can make anywhere from $2,000 to $40,000 a month depending on how much effort your are willing to put into it by using Clickbank products on autopilot. We will show you a system that is set up just for you and you can have access to it as soon as today.



As you can see that’s an average of $10,000 per month!

The reason why I’ll help You Make Money using Clickbank and Google:Let me explain one thing before we get started.  I have been getting emails from all over the world asking me why would I help people make money with Google and Clickbank.  Well let me explain that real quick.  I have an independent contract I set up with Google about seven years ago.  This is how it works.  Google has created my own special link that will track every person I sign with the Google adsense program which is free to join.  Once you are approved I then create you a domain name with 300+ web pages with your Google referral code in all your pages.  Once you start making money Google then rewards me.  This takes nothing away from you at all.  So, you see we all Win!  You get Paid, Google makes money and I get paid by Google for my work with you.If you already have a Google Account that is fine also.  Once you join my program all I will need is your Google tracking code and I will then get credited by Google for the money I will help you earn in the future.Google charges an advertiser in the ads that will appear on all your 300+ web pages a fee which is usually between $1.00 to $50 a click.  Then Google will fund your account about 1/3 of what they charged that advertiser since their ad was clicked on from one of your 100+ web pages.  It’s an Amazing Program!The people that click on the Google ads on your 100+ web pages don’t even have to purchase anything from the advertiser’s website for you to get paid! You will earn a commission just from the click alone!No Marketing or Promotions Required From Your Part!

What is even better, you will not even have to spend any money to market your website with 300+ webpages!  I have a secret linking strategy with text-link-ads.com and powerlinks.com where I will link your 100+ websites with hundreds of websites that get tons of web traffic which in return will pass great traffic to your 100+ web pages and also get your 300+ webpages high in all the major search engines likeGoogle, Yahoo, MSN, Ask.com, AOL etc. so you can make thousands of dollars every month with Google and Clickbank from all the clicks you will be getting!

No Risk, No Questions Asked – 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee!
Your total satisfaction is important.  When you order we give you a 60 Day 100% No Questions asked Money Back Guarantee. If for any reason or no reason you want your money back contact us within 60 days from the time you signed up and we will refund 100% of your purchase price.  But, I don’t think you are going to ask for a refund once you start seeing the money coming into your Google and Clickbank Account!Note: Your Domain Name and Web Hosting for Your Web Pages will be FREE!

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Clickbank could be a very lucrative affiliate program because the commissions are amazingly high. Some are often 75%.
Because products are digital (ebooks, digital products, etc. ), you can find no distribution prices, so that’s one reason Clickbank can afford to offer such a large share with their affiliates.
Below I’m gonna show you how to get started with Clickbank and understand a little more about the interface so you can get the most through your efforts.
Just avoid being fooled. I don’t treatment what anyone tells you or how inspired you will be by someone’s profits, making money on-line takes time, effort and several patience. This is not something you can apply in a few weeks.How to Subscribe to ClickBankJoining put in at home and it’s no cost. Just click your Sign-Up link from the the top of Clickbank homepage. Once your account has become created, you can start promoting the products on the website.Searching For Products to enhanceTo search with regard to products, click the Marketplace link over the rest the ClickBank home-page.
From here, you can look for products by often category or your search feature.So for instance if you look for “stocks”, this is probably the products that appears inside results…To look at the sales page of the product, just click the red title.

Check out your Stats information at the end of the result. This provides more information about what you can earn.
Obtaining Your Affiliate Link (Hoplink)Once you choose a product you need to promote, click your green Promote press button alongside the checklist. You will be exhibited this form.

In the Bill Nickname box, enter the ClickBank IDENTIFICATION you created if you setup your ClickBank bill, and add any Tracking ID if you need to keep track of the spot that the sale is caused by.

For example, if you are promoting a specific product in a very newsletter, you could use newsOct2013. ClickBank will add this ID for a affiliate URL to help you track how many sales got their start in this specific web page link.

So now when you attend the Reporting section over the rest the page, you can view your sales by Tracking ID to determine how effective your current campaign was.

After you might have entered your bill nickname and optional tracking ID, click Create and Clickbank will provide you with the link to enhance on your web page.

Best Ways to enhance ClickBank

Niche Websites/Blogs

There’s no doubt that the niche website is the simplest way to promote Clickbank products because you can subtly recommend them of your content.

Explain the way the product has worked to suit your needs and why you readers would want it.

When you can show that you truly use the product or service, it adds for a credibility and increase your conversion charge.

I talk more about how precisely I promote Clickbank within this blog post.

Electronic mail

Email marketing is also an ideal way of promoting goods. Be careful, though. You don’t need to continually pitch products for a subscribers. That’s wii strategy.

Just like with your website, you ought to aim to provide it will always be quality, and promote products on occasion.

Use your list to express to your audience of important site messages, special news and still provide exclusive offers. Weave in applicable product links once in awhile.

Social Media

For those who have a large following (especially if it is very niche), you may also make money endorsing products via social media marketing.

Just remember, you can turn your enthusiasts way off because they are overly aggressive together with affiliate links. However, a casual, relevant mention in some places is fine.

And you don’t even require a website to advertise Clickbank products. You possibly can just promote your hoplink I showed you tips on how to create above.

However, I’ve always found it to become more effective to say products within articles as opposed to just promoting affiliate links independently.

So instead of just tweeting a hyperlink to a product you happen to be promoting, tweet a hyperlink that provides another how-to article that also includes a link for the product in your copy. That’s an obviously better strategy.

What About Article advertising?

ClickBank recommends article writing on their tips page, but I actually don’t think this is a very effective strategy for marketing today.

Not just has it lost much of its SEO worth, but most people who go to article writing sites are not trying to find information, they’re marketers wanting to get traffic to their particular articles.

I’m not saying there is absolutely no value in article writing, because there may be some — particularly with very tight/defined niches. However, I believe that it is an expiring web marketing strategy.

Using Banners to enhance The Products

If the product you happen to be promoting has banners you can use, there is usually a hyperlink to the affiliate program located at the end of the main sales page. This is to often find banners to your website.

For example, for my e-book, Niche Website Success, there is a hyperlink to the affiliate page at the end of the website landing page. That’s where I provide the code for affiliates to include banners/links into their own sites.

Don’t Market Crap!

Because ClickBank does not have any screening process to the products people can certainly sell, you can run into many low-quality products that were thrown together.

It may be tempting to consentrate on the amount you’ll earn per sales, but don’t put greed over quality because doing so will hurt your current reputation.

I only promote products i have personally bought myself. While the percentage amount is something I focus on, the actual quality of the product comes very first.


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